Chickpeas have never been this chic!

What sorcery is this!!??

I just cracked open my jars of tzatziki, ranch, and fab-a-dip and my mind is blown! It is SO good, words cannot do it justice! Best purchase this year!!

- Autumn S.

Explosion of flavor

Fantastic product. I dipped it in everything edible and was complimentary to any chip, veggie, cracker or even fruit I could try.

- George P.


Even my meat loving husband devoured these. Sauces add the perfect touch to the falafel texture. Combined it with cucumber and red onion and it was a glorious meal.

- Karen C.

Superior Quality

Food is life! We believe it passionately, and we never compromise. Our award-winning foods are chef-crafted with premium, organic ingredients from only the best suppliers.

Plant-Based Dips

From Chickpea Aquafaba! Aqua-what?! Chickpea water! When boiled, those golden little beans ('faba' in Latin) release their superfood magic, creating an excellent egg and dairy alternative.

Baked Falafel

Organic and packed with flavor, our chickpea veggie bites are baked, not fried, and never dry. A nutritious, plant-based staple that you can feel good about. Just heat & eat! Healthy meets convenience.

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