About Fabalish Founder Jessica Gebel

In my early 20s I was sick, tired, and in pain: skin infections, chronic headaches, and digestive disorders. This led me on a life changing health journey where I learned that food (real food) is medicine, and that your kitchen is your pharmacy! I discovered a passion for cooking and clean eating.


As an amateur chef I competed on the Food Network and won, proving that you can eat healthy AND delicious. With that cash prize I went off and became a natural foods chef. I also became a mother. And now I’m here to prove that our food system can be so much better for us and for the future. 

We only use simple ingredients you’d find in your pantry: vegetables, legumes, whole foods, spices and herbs. For us, quality means: great taste, minimally processed, organically grown, and free from all the pesticides, glyphosates, and artificial processing agents. Learn more about our totally transparent and proudly perishable philosophy.