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Free shipping on all orders over $40!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is aquafaba?

It's chickpea water! When boiled, those golden little beans ('faba' in Latin) release their superfood magic.

We then use this as a dairy/egg replacer in our sauces, so you can enjoy that creamy delicious flavor.

Is Fabalish vegan?

 Not only is Fabalish vegan, it's delicious!

Is Fabalish diary, gluten, nut and soy free?

Yes, we make our products so they can be loved by everyone no matter their diet.

Are Fabalish ingredients organic?

Yes! All of our ingredients are organically sourced. We don't have it yet, but we are working towards getting our official USDA organic certification.

What stores carry Fabalish products?

You can check out or store locator map to find all stores and pinpoint the closest store near you!

Can I order Fabalish online?

Fabalish can be purchased here on our own website! Amazon coming soon!

Do you ship all over the United States?


Yes we do!

How can I get Fabalish products into a store near me?

You can request Fabalish products to be stocked at your favorite store by submitting a simple form via WeStock!

It only takes a few moments to bring your favorite products to the places you love to shop.

Are your falafels fried?

Nope! Baked, not fried! Moist, not dry!

Think of 'em as chickpea powered, protein packed, vegan 'meat' balls.

How do you prepare the falafels?

We recommend popping them in the oven (or toaster) to bake at 400F for 15-20 minutes (depending on how crispy you want them).

Pro Tip: Our aquafaba sauces pair wonderfully with our baked falafels!

Do the falafels come pre-frozen?

Yes, and they will last you a good while frozen. And there's no need to thaw them, just pop them right into your toaster or oven.

What is the shelf life for Fabalish sauces?

The sauces are good for about 3 months from production. We produce in small batches and delivery weekly to make sure our retailers have the freshest product in stock.

Are there preservatives in your products?

None, and there never will be!


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