Our Story

Fabalish First Farmers Market


Once upon a time there was a young, humble chef named Jess, who found herself in a new city on a quest for purpose. At a job interview, Jess was tasked with preparing several vegan dishes. Could she deliver on the challenge, Jess wondered? She was nervous! Nevertheless, she knew she had to give it her best. Afterall, Jess had just completed her culinary degree at the Natural Gourmet Institute of NYC, with a focus on vegan and plant-forward cooking. This was her time to shine. The main dish needed a sauce to complement it, one that would best serve the meal if it were rich and creamy. Our heroine, in a moment of vivid clarity, recalled her training for a little-known ingredient by the name of Aquafaba. Aqua-what, you ask? Chickpea water! Chickpea water? So many questions. What Jess knew, was that the water from a strained can of chickpeas (organic and BPA-free of course) possessed similar powers to that of an egg. This was it. “Liquid gold” she exclaimed! Jess whipped up the aquafaba, emulsified it with organic sunflower oil, and then formulated a delicious blend of spices to provide unbridled flavor. Upon the tasting of the meal, Chef Jess heard the fateful words “this is the best thing I ever put in my mouth”. Thus began her love affair with the chickpea and its watery by-product, aquafaba. The rest, is history!

Our Mission

...is to make vegan sexy.

We believe that eating vegan foods can be just as exciting and delightful as any other. Fabalish will brighten your kitchen, bring life to your taste buds, and inspire you to eat more and more vegan.


Our Core Values


only the best ingredients, simple as that


of the individual and of the world


partnering with and supporting like-minded individuals, businesses, and causes


delicious foods, a bold approach, and dazzling presence